It's time to improve your focus with mindfulness training.
Breathful can help you quantify your progress!

Breathful logs a focus score for each meditation session, meaning you'll know just how distracted you are during your sessions. Watch your scores improve as you build your ability to focus.

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The key to effective mindfulness training.

Mindfulness 101

The object of mindfulness is witnessing one’s own present experience without attachment or reactivity... In other words, any thoughts that arise during mindfulness practice are acknowledged and then allowed to pass. The easiest way to accomplish this is by directing your attention back to breathing.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Research has shown that regular mindfulness practice can reduce anxiety, decrease depression, and lower overall stress levels. Mindfulness may be the key to unlocking your full potential. Corporate powerhouses have been utilizing mindfulness training for years, and the mindfulness movement continues to grow as more and more people discover the benefits of regular meditation. Give it a try, and see what mindfulness training can do for you.

breathfull app
breathfull app

What is Breathful? How does it differ from other meditation apps?

Breathful is a useful tool that allows users to engage in ten-minute “sessions” of mindfulness practice. Actively monitor each session by attaching a number of “distractions” - when the session ends, it will be archived in the session log by date and time, along with the number of distractions encountered during the session.

When you see the average number of distractions dropping, you'll know your method of mindfulness is an effective one.

How to Use Breathful

A new session is started by tapping on the timer circle, which will then start a ten minute countdown. If at any point the user taps the screen while the timer is running, a distraction will be recorded for that session.

*Note: It is up to the user to decide what constitutes a "distraction" and you may not want to record minor distractions lasting only a split-second... what constitutes a minor vs. major distraction is up to you.

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How do I use Breathful?

  1. Tap anywhere on the main screen to start a new session and get ready to focus on the present.

  2. If at any time during the session you become distracted, tap on the screen and Breathful will log a distraction...

  3. Past sessions are recorded in the history log. If the number of distractions are dropping as you progress in your training, you’ll know you’re doing something right!

What does Silent Mode do?​​​

Breathful plays a soft bell at the end of each session. This sound plays even when your phone is in silent mode.

If you do not want that end of session notification sound to play when your phone is in silent mode, turn on the Silent Mode switch and you’ll be good to go!